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Imagine how quickly you can clear all your green waste. Just let us know which machine you need, and we'll take care of the rest.

Whether you need a wood chipper, debris loader, we have the perfect machine for your needs. From residential clean-ups and landscaping services to the tree care industry, rental businesses, and farms, JONCO offers a range of equipment from commercial-grade to DIY. Our machines are designed to help with garden maintenance or to support the growth of your business. Choose quality that lasts. Choose JONCO.

About Us

Model recommended

A road towable unit, 6 inch capacity, at a very interesting price!
It is D16, Disc chipper from Jonco


35hp, V-twin, Gasoline engine


iFS feeding control/300mm wide throat


Safety is ensured by combination of sensor, switches and easy-to-reach bar

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    At JONCO, you'll receive:

    • Quality workmanship that is guaranteed to last
    • Professional equipment which are powerful and solid
    • Equipment are completed on time and on budget
    • To door delivery makes your purchase easy and happy


    Event Location Area
    HIRE24 Brisbane, Australia 04.Jun.2024-06.Jun.2024
    Find us at booth 4P136 at the Paysalia exhibition Eurexpo Lyon France Europe wood chipper
    China Agricultural Machinery Exhibition 2023 Wuhan, China Asia wood chipper
    TCI expo 2023 St. Louis Missouri America wood chipper