20 Sep

We’re proud to offer the DC160, a commercial brush chipper that is built to handle the toughest jobs. Powered by a 35HP V-Twin gasoline engine, this wood chipper is designed for maximum performance, making it the perfect choice for forestry and rental companies.

With a max chip capacity of 16cm, the DC160 can handle even the largest branches and limbs. Its opening part is 16.5cm-30cm wide, making it easy to feed large pieces of wood branches into the machine. The output is 360 degrees, and the 12-inch adjustable chip deflector ensures that the chips are directed where you want them.

The hydraulic feeding system of the DC160 ensures that chipping is done smoothly, without any hiccups or jams. This feature is particularly important when dealing with large, thick branches, which can be difficult to chip without the right equipment.

Despite its power, the DC160 is designed to be maneuverable and easy to tow. With a total weight of less than 750kg, it can be easily transported from one job site to another. And once you’re on location, the DC160 is easy to maneuver, thanks to its compact design and user-friendly controls.

Whether you’re working in forestry, landscaping, or rental, the DC160 is the perfect choice for all your wood chipping needs. It’s powerful, efficient, and reliable, and it’s built to last.

So why wait? Contact us today to learn more about the DC160 brush chipper and how it can help you take your business to the next level.