12 May
Entering a New Era: Expanding Horizons in Wood Chipping Technology

As we step into an exciting phase of growth and innovation, we at Jonco are thrilled to share pivotal developments that redefine our path in the commercial wood chipper market. With our chippers increasingly becoming a favorite in various markets, we’re gearing up for a surge in production and the launch of innovative new models designed to meet diverse, global needs.

Jonco is excited to announce significant advancements in the commercial wood chipper market. As we enter a new phase of growth and innovation, we are eager to share transformative developments that will reshape our trajectory. With our chippers gaining popularity across different markets, we are preparing for increased production and the introduction of cutting-edge models that cater to diverse global demands.

Pioneering Production and Expanding Markets

In response to the rising demand for our high-quality, durable wood chippers, we are enhancing our manufacturing capabilities to support mass production. This strategic expansion is not only about increasing our output but also about elevating the quality and efficiency of our products. Our commitment to excellence ensures that every unit we produce meets stringent standards, providing unmatched performance and reliability.

New Models on the Horizon

The forthcoming months are set to be groundbreaking. We are preparing to launch several new models of commercial wood chippers, each designed with our customers’ needs in mind. These new additions are crafted to tackle a range of wood processing tasks with greater efficiency and less environmental impact, adhering to our promise of innovation and sustainability.

Showcasing Innovation on Global Stages

May will be a particularly thrilling month for us as we present our latest innovations at two major international shows. We are excited to announce our participation in the Hortiflorexpo in Beijing and Agritech in Thailand. These events are not only significant for their market reach but also provide us a platform to demonstrate our advancements in wood chipping technology to both domestic and international audiences.

Hortiflorexpo, Beijing

Join us at Hortiflorexpo, the largest and most authoritative international trade show in Chinese horticulture, floriculture, and garden industry. It’s the perfect venue for us to introduce our newest models to the Asian market. We anticipate engaging with industry leaders and showcasing how our chippers can make a significant impact on their operational efficiency.

Agritech, Thailand

At Agritech in Thailand, we look forward to connecting with professionals from across Southeast Asia. This event will allow us to demonstrate how our wood chippers are suited not only for large scale agricultural and forestry projects but also for supporting sustainable practices in the region.

Looking Forward

These are thrilling times at JONCO. As we expand into new markets and ramp up our production, our focus remains on providing innovative solutions that our customers rely on. The introduction of our new models and our participation in international trade shows underscore our commitment to being at the forefront of the wood chipping industry.

We invite you to join us in this journey of growth and innovation. Whether at upcoming shows or through our latest product launches, discover how our new commercial wood chippers are set to revolutionize the market, delivering performance that leads and reliability that endures.

Stay tuned for more updates and follow our journey as we bring the best of wood chipping technology to the world.