13 Nov
Drum type residential wood chipper from Jonco brand

This compact and efficient drum type residential wood chipper from Jonco brand comes at a good price. Despite its compact size, it delivers an exceptional chipping performance. Built for residential use, it allows you to chip waste materials such as branches, small logs and twigs with ease.

The machine is powered by a high-performance engine which delivers sufficient power to chip off wood waste efficiently. The drum mechanism enhances its performance, providing smooth operation, high output and low maintenance.

This Jonco residential wood chipper is a well-built piece of equipment, ensuring durability and longevity. It has a user-friendly design, with easy-to-operate controls that offer efficient chipping.

Adding to its value is a 3 years limited warranty. With this warranty, you are guaranteed of free repairs and parts replacement should any manufacturer’s faults arise during the period. This wood chipper will indeed provide an excellent service, leaving you satisfied with the result.

Buy now and experience the superb performance and high reliability of this compact, drum type residential wood chipper. Remember, the key to maintaining your environment tidy is as simple as getting the right equipment. And, this Jonco brand residential wood chipper is exactly what you need.