10 Nov
Invitation to our Wood Chipper Exhibition at TCI Expo 2023, St. Louis

Dear Esteemed Guest,

We are thrilled to extend this special invitation to you to attend the TCI Expo 2023 in St. Louis, where we will be exhibiting our innovative Wood Chipper, designed specifically to cater to tree care and rental business needs.

As a renowned name in tree care equipment, we have revolutionized the design of the Wood Chipper, prioritizing compactness, durability, and functionality. We are confident that our latest offering, weighing less than 750kg, will impress all attendees. It is compact, efficient and incredibly robust, which makes it an ideal investment for rental businesses.

Your presence at our booth will be highly valued as we look forward to the possibility of fostering business relationships. You will have the opportunity to explore the intricate details of our compact wood chipper, engage in enlightening discussions, exchange ideas, and gain deep insights about the wood chipper market trends.

We are thrilled to have the tree care professionals and rental business owners visit us at the expo and together shape the future of this industry. We sincerely hope you avail this opportunity to learn more about how our Wood Chipper could positively impact your business operations.

For further queries or information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are eagerly looking forward to seeing you at the TCI Expo in St. Louis.

Warm regards,


Market Director