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L22-Debris Loader

A powerful 15hp road towable leaf debris loader

  • 15hp gasoline engine, electric start;
  • Towable frame is available, or hang kit for tailgate is also optional;
  • With pre-cut blade, big leaves can be crushed to raise loading capacity;
  • 360 degree manual swivel discharge with adjustable deflector


This unit is Leaf / Debris Loader, is an ideal combination of power and size, at 80 CBM of commercial suction.

These units are perfect for small to mid-size jobs and crews. Light weight and low overall cost. This unit will get you into the game of leaf or debris removal. A dual shredding 400 mm diameter armor plate impeller with 4 blades that reduces debris up to 15:1 and maximizes loading before dumping, saving you time and dump fees.

In addition, the units can be mounted in one of 2 ways: Tailgate mounted with optional hanger kit; or skid mounted to a trailer. The 220 mm intake hose is a 3.5 m long, best in class, clear poly helical coil so your crew can visually see if a blockage occurs, for quick fix. A replaceable steel liner and 12-gauge housing is standard for long life and durability.


Gallery – Model with Hang kit

Demo video